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In good shape, Stellantis shows its ambitions for the decade


Despite a sluggish automobile market, show conquering ambitions. This is what Stellantis, the group born more than a year ago from the merger of the PSA and FCA groups, wanted to display, revealing on Tuesday 1er March its strategic plan, “Dare Forward 2030”. This new automotive giant, which brings together 14 brands and has more than 300,000 employees spread over all continents, can project itself forward, supported by excellent figures in 2021.

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While the health crisis has continued to rage over the past year and the shortage of semiconductors has disrupted production – this should stretch until 2023 – Stellantis announced on Wednesday February 23 a turnover of 152 billion euros, up 14%, and net income of 13.4 billion euros, up 179% compared to 2020. Above all, with an operating margin of nearly 12%, Stellantis posted a performance worthy of so-called “premium” manufacturers, while that of generalists usually runs at around 6%.

Good performance…

If the volumes sold in Latin America have increased, while those in North America or Europe have stagnated, the shortage has prompted buyers to turn to more upscale vehicles. This is how Stellantis has ensured significant margins, those of American brands even reaching rates of 16%.

In Europe, the 208 became the best-selling car and, for the first time, Peugeot overtook Renault on the French market. The good performance can also be largely explained by the support of the public authorities. “Stellantis can thank the government for the implementation of long-term partial activity”smiles an observer of the sector.

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… but frustrated employees

The argument is recalled by the French unions, very disappointed with the salary increases granted by the management in an overall envelope of 1.9 billion euros. “Over the past two years, without receiving individual raises, employees have been flexible, resilient, adaptablepoints out Christine Virassamy, CFDT central union representative. We regret the disparities between socio-professional categories: a very large majority will only be granted the general increase, indexed to inflation. »

The delegate hopes to reopen negotiations quickly, in particular to obtain the exceptional purchasing power bonus, and is worried about an industrial footprint that is less and less French. “We produced 1.2 million cars in France in 2019recalls Christine Virassamy. By 2026, the figure could drop to 800,000.”

300 billion euros in turnover in 2030

While the French market for new vehicles fell by more than 13% in February, “Dare Forward 2030” reminds us that France has become only one square on the big chessboard on which Stellantis plays. The group plans to double its turnover in 2030, to 300 billion euros. “While maintaining double-digit operating margins every year”says Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis.

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In 2030, it plans to sell 100% electrified vehicles in Europe and 50% in the United States. While the first photos of a Jeep SUV marketed in 2023 have been revealed, the group has announced the launch of 75 electric models over the next eight years, shared between four dedicated platforms. The luxury (Maserati) and premium (DS, Alfa Romeo, Lancia) segments have been assigned the objective of quadrupling their revenues.

Carbon neutrality targeted for 2038

The group will have two giant electric battery factories in North America and three in Europe, for an annual production of 400 GWh, or 140 more compared to the previous plan. By 2030, it aims to reduce its carbon footprint by 50% and even intends to achieve carbon neutrality in 2038. It also plans to present a first vehicle with level three autonomy – the one allowing, during certain driving phases, to allow automatic piloting to operate – in 2024.

It is with the tech giants Amazon and Foxconn that Stellantis has partnered to work on vehicle interiors that are more cockpit than simple driving position. All sources of value are explored: the group aims to reach one-third of online sales worldwide by 2030, and expects synergies from bringing together the 14 brands under the single Spoticar brand for the second-hand market.

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