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Harry Potter: The Story Behind The Prisoner of Azkaban’s Hidden ‘Sex Scene’


Despite the controversies surrounding author JK Rowling in his later years, the saga Harry Potter remains one of the most cult films in the history of cinema (and incidentally in literature). One of its strengths lies in the fact that it is able to speak to everyone, although particularly aimed at a fairly young audience. So when word got around that a sex scene had slipped into the third film, fans were particularly surprised.

A sex scene in a movie aimed at teenagers?

Four years after the arrival ofHarry Potter in the world of wizards through the first novel of the famous saga of JK Rowling, Warner (among others) decides to adapt the adventures of the young man and his friends to the cinema. So that’s itin 2001 landed Harry Potter at the Sorcerer’s Stone, a real phenomenon that will see seven new films thereafter, before the universe is extended through other more recent projects. The saga may be ultra popular with audiences of all ages, the novels she adapts belong to children’s literature.

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This is all the more true for the first three films, before the tone becomes more serious and the story darker from The Goblet of Fire. So when fans thought they discovered a hidden sex scene in the third installment, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, yet PG-13 in the United States, the surprise was total, as mentioned again Allocinated recently. If you have seen and re-watched Alfonso Cuarón’s film and it doesn’t ring a bell, it’s normal: the short scene would take place in the final credits.

A little easter-egg meant to make you smile

In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the young wizard gets his hands on a very special object: the Marauder’s Map, which allows you to see the footprints and therefore the position of all individuals within Hogwarts. This card, we see it scrolling during the end credits, directed by Rus Wetherell. And he had also been questioned about the imprints of two pairs of feet that we see in a corner of the screen during the end credits, in a suspicious position.

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(Evil?) fortunately for the fans, Wetherell finally put an end to the speculation after more than ten years, by explaining to the HuffPost than in his mind, it was just two lovers during a single “kiss on the cheek” in secret. A little easter egg “which was fun for the adults in the audience that the kids couldn’t quite understand”. A statement that still casts doubt on the real attentions of Rus Wetherell, who had explained having had this idea in the middle of the night, exhausted after hours of work.

When he showed the fruit of his labor to director Alfonso Cuarón, he would be “gone mad” and would have laughed a lot when he discovered the footprints of the two students hidden in an alcove, pushing Wetherell to keep this small detail in the final rendering. By the way, if you want to spy on your neighbors, did you know that a little genius had created his own IRL version of the Marauder’s map?

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