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Hamze Ghalebi, from refugee to tech entrepreneur


It was during confinement, hearing his business school teacher wife regret not feeling the reactions of her students, that Hamze Ghalebi had the idea of ​​​​using artificial intelligence (AI).

“One school told us they were interested, but insisted on their need to control exams remotely”says the one who, without installing any software on the student’s computer, is now able to check the identity of candidates, but also to detect if, for example, they exchange on a WhatsApp group or consult their courses in full review…

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Fifteen years ago, the young Iranian did not dream of being a French Tech actor. A graduate in political science, the engineer by training was committed to the side of Mir Hossein Moussavi, reformist candidate for the Iranian presidential election in 2009. Marred with irregularity, the election will be a hard failure for the reformist camp. For Hamze Ghalebi, it will be prison, then exile in France.

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Two mentors and an address book

“Once I crossed the border, my life changed completely. Whereas a month earlier I was writing speeches for a former prime minister, I was unable to hold a simple conversation,” he will confide. At the same time, he refuses to have the image of a refugee stuck on him. “For me, it was linked to misery and meant reveling in the role of victim. » He dreams of being an entrepreneur. “I had the skills, but lacked the social capital, the network. »

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He then approaches Singa, an incubator for refugees who wants to respond to clichés about immigrants by showing that, by creating their business, they no longer cost society but create jobs and pay taxes. His two mentors – a tax expert and a business manager – advise him, teach him the French codes, open doors for him. They allow him to launch a consulting business for those who want to invest in Iran: “With them, I was no longer a refugee, but an entrepreneur. »

Impact on society

In addition, another presidential election sounded the death knell for its activity, when Donald Trump put an end to the Iranian nuclear agreement, permanently preventing any investment in Iran. Hamze Ghalebi does not disassemble: he takes an MBA, launches several start-up projects, up to Remotion.live and its AI at the service of exams.

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“We are not yet making a profit, but we are generating cash”, rejoices the one who has in turn become a mentor at Singa, now sharing his experience and his address book. “I have always wondered how to have an impact on society, acknowledges the entrepreneur. When I was young, I thought it would be in government, by reforming the institutions of my country. Today, I think it is thanks to technology that I can be useful. »

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