Germany’s Workforce in Electric Vehicle Battery Engineering to increase courtesy of Valmet Automotive

When it comes to passengers’ vehicle manufacturers, Valmet Automotive is among the best globally. The same case applies to electric vehicle battery systems since the company is also a Tier 1 system supply. Interestingly, the company plans to expand the above by venturing even more into e-mobility engineering activities. The expansion will lead to creating jobs for professionals such as technicians and engineers in Germany. There will be more jobs for support staff as well.

For a while now, Valmet Automotive has been doing well in the battery systems manufacturing sector. At the moment, it has an ongoing battery factory that has been under construction since January 2020. Its location is Uusikaupunki, Finland, where the company has a car plant site. After its completion, Valmet Automotive will then have two battery factories. Equally important, it plans to commence its operation around mid-2021. It will be producing electric vehicles’ high-voltage systems. Interestingly, it already has a pair of customers for the proposed plant, and they are top-notch manufacturers in Europe for the record.

Its team in charge of battery systems engineering has a firm footing in Germany. That’s not something one would expect because Finland is the company’s stronghold. For instance, Finnish plants in Uusikaupunki usually produce the most battery systems. However, its engineering sites in Bad Friedrichshall are also in the process of upping their game through expansion. In the process, there will be the creation of a lot of jobs. The move comes at a time when the demand for electric vehicles and their accessories is increasing rapidly. One profession that the plans are looking for is engineering. The engineers will design, develop and test cell modules and battery systems. They will also look into the high-voltage sector area.

It is important to note that Valmet Automotive does almost everything in the engineering chain ranging from concept to development, not forgetting prototyping and testing. That’s a lot of tasks, no doubt. On top of that, the electric vehicles sector is proliferating, and that means demand will also increase since the two are directly proportional to each other. To ensure that the company is well-equipped for the rising demand, Valmet Automotive has decided to hire more professions, especially in the engineering sector.

According to Valmet Automotive Vice President Engineering EV Systems Mathias Wurges, all the various development areas are looking for additional staff members. They are also looking for employees who have what it takes to get the job done. Successful applicants will join the team and indulge in what it believes in, driving the ongoing e-mobility transition together.