A partnership develops Chips for electric vehicles

If you are among the people who focus on market trends, you must conclude that electric vehicles are a hit this year. With the various Governments working on the Green project and a new phase for the energy industry, electric cars are on the impact. These facts have led to a massive share of the partnership to help in the transit process. The Compound Semiconductor Centre and Newport Water Fab have received a UK Government research partnership in recent times. Not to mention, this partnership will receive innovation funding to work on advanced components to assists in the electric vehicles venture.

The Compound Semiconductor Centre (CSC) is a joint venture including Cardiff University and the IQE Plc. This project is a team-up with Newport Water Fab (NWF) to create new production processes. The process aims to achieve high voltage semiconductor chip tech. It is a unique fabrication process that uses gallium nitride on silicon to leverage over thirty years of experience in the making of silicon chips.

When it comes to dealing with Silicon, Newport Facility is what we call home. It is the foundry of the planet’s first integrated silicon. This process is silicon on a compound semiconductor. Newport Facility aims to supply its products to the automotive industry globally. It is the most extensive semiconductor manufacturing plant in the United Kingdom, with 450 staff.

NWF, in this teamwork, will use the water processes whose credit goes to CSC in conjunction with its parent company IQE. Recently, CSC was on top of the world after receiving full accreditation thanks to its high-quality Internal Management System. This step will take the development world to a volume scale-up.

One of the biggest backers of this project is UKRI, which works hand in hand with the Automotive Transformation Fund. It is also a project whose key role is to help the UK government achieve the UK automotive sector zero emissions’ target. In a statement by NWFs via their Director, they clearly expressed the excitement regarding the new project.

The Director, Sam Evans, went ahead to explain how this move is a step forward to the Company’s goal of becoming the world’s primary manufacturer of semi-conductor-on-silicon products.

Rob Harper added the GaN program manager on the same and how this project aims to help steer the electric vehicle’s transit on the roads. Dr. Wyn Meredith, CSC Director, commented about the partnership claiming that it is a golden opportunity for the two companies. Meredith also stated on issues regarding the automotive industry and the changes taking place this year in the industry. This collaboration is a huge step to make the automotive sector friendlier to promising buyers.