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Disney +: the Simpsons have this huge surprise in store for you for their next short film


After more than 20 years of omnipresence on our screens, more than 700 different episodes broadcast and side projects, The Simpsons have had time to rub shoulders with the gratin. And they do not intend to stop there, since Lisa Simpson is once again preparing to meet, exclusively on Disney +, an international star!

The Simpsons and celebrities

Since December 1989, the yellow but no longer very young family of the Simpsons has monopolized our screens with some 720 episodes and 33 seasons. Still in production, the series continues (or not) to predict the future, but also and above all to ape reality in a particularly satirical way.

During their 22 years of existence during which they never aged, Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart, Maggie Simpson and company have had many adventures and met many personalities, each one more emblematic than the other. From astronaut Neil Armstrong to US presidents such as George Washington to Lady Gaga, there’s something for everyone.

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And in a next feature film scheduled for April 22, 2022, another singer is scheduled for the program, since Billie Eilish will meet Lisa!

A musical encounter between lisa simpson and billie eilish

Apart from the main series, The Simpsons, which would actually be the guardians of the universe, it is also a set of projects produced in parallel. Among these: video games, film, but also short films. The next one is also fast approaching, since it will land on April 22 on Disney +. Soberly titled When Billie met Lisa (When Billie puts Lisa), it will mark the first meeting between the young Simpson and the pop star.

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Billie is guest starring in @TheSimpsons: “When Billie Met Lisa”, the new short streaming April 22 on @disneyplus. pic.twitter.com/baLe70Gxad

April 14, 2022

As you would expect, we will find a “simpsonized” version of the young singer-songwriter of 20 years, but also of her brother Finneas, who works closely with her on most of her songs. In this short production, Billie and her brother will discover Lisa while she is practicing the saxophone, before inviting her to their studio.

The short film therefore promises to have music as its main theme, and it would not be surprising if an unreleased title produced especially for the occasion surfaced. Are we placing the bets?

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