Despacito Hacked Song Has been hacked And Removed from YouTube


Despacito Hacked: Hello Everyone we are back with hot topic the world most viewed song Despacito has been hacked and removed from the Youtube today and other high profile Pop Singer Videos such as Chris Brown Shakira Dj Shake Selena Gomez Drake Katy Perry and Taylor Swift songs has been removed from the YouTube and the Video’s images was altered and it was replaced with a masked gang holding guns and they description was changed by hackers group calling themselves Prosox and Kuroi’sh. And some of those videos are still available with another titles with different images. All the hacked videos were uploaded to the vevo YouTube accounts with different users accounts

The Biggest hit Song Luis Fonsi Despacito has Number one victim for the hackers which was deleted from the site. Right now Despacito Hacked is the most hot topic across the world and if you played the video an altered message was displaying and it is cited as deleted and other videos have been altered and the contains remain the same, As of now it’s not know that what the purpose behind the hacking is.

Despacito Hacked: A twitter account @ProsoxW3b which is allegedly belongs to one of the hackers posted Its Just for fun

‘I just use [the] script ‘youtube-change-title-video’ and I write ‘hacked’.’

‘Don’t judge me I love YouTube,’ the post said.


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