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Covid-19, sectors affected by new restrictions are received in Bercy


This Monday morning, January 3, around forty representatives of economic sectors are to be received at Bercy to meet the ministers of the economy Bruno Le Maire, labor Élisabeth Borne and tourism and SMEs Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne.

As in previous meetings following the announcement of restrictions, the discussion will focus on compensation for certain sectors after the new measures that the government unveiled on December 27.

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Jean Castex has indeed specified that, from January 3, it became prohibited to consume standing in bars and cafes for a period of three weeks, to eat or drink in public places such as cinemas, theaters and sports venues. but also in public transport … Or that gatherings would be limited to 2,000 people indoors and 5,000 outdoors.

Cascading lounge cancellations

This latest announcement threw a cold on the event industry (conventions, fairs, exhibitions) which, for several days, did not know for sure whether or not they were affected by these gauges. Relief came on December 30 when the Minister for SMEs Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne clarified that this was not the case, as indeed for zoos and amusement parks. An exemption which would be justified by the fact that visitors circulate and do not remain static on these occasions.

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If they are reassured, representatives of the sector believe, however, that the “Evil is done”. The first cancellations have already been announced, such as the Museum Connections Paris trade fair in January which is postponed to the end of March, or the Sival, the plant production trade fair in Angers, also postponed to March, according to press releases received on Thursday afternoon. .

We also mention the postponement of the Angoulême Comic Strip Festival… Before Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne clarified, the profession evoked 130events canceled just for the month of January.

The employers’ federations of cafes, bars and restaurants point out for their part the damage that the ban on standing consumption should cause. “This amounts to an outright ban on working”, pointed out Didier Chenet, president of the National Group of Independents (GNI) in the hotel and catering industry, in the columns of The cross. For some establishments, this type of consumption represents the bulk of the activity.

Caterers unarmed before the cancellation of vows

Another concern: the cancellation of the vows ceremonies in January and the limitation, by gauge, of large gatherings. “This means that caterers will lose at least 90% of their activity in January”, explained the boss of the GNI.

The strengthening of teleworking in companies – with the imposition of a minimum of three days out of five teleworked if the position lends itself to it – could affect restaurants and shops located in office districts.

“The economic sectors impacted by the decisions that the situation requires us to take will be compensated within the framework of consultations which will be immediately conducted by the Minister of the Economy and Finance Bruno Le Maire”, Jean Castex had indicated.

“Specific” support

The government has already reduced from 80 to 65% from 1 December the loss of turnover required to benefit from a zero charge on partial activity in the affected sectors. On the other hand, the Ministry of the Economy announced before Christmas that events, caterers, travel agencies and indoor recreation rooms whose activity suffers from the epidemic recovery would be the subject of a “Specific support”, with coverage of their fixed costs if their loss of turnover exceeds 50%.

The solidarity fund, which partially offset the loss of turnover of many companies during the health crisis, ended for its part on October 31.

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