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Corrective Measures: Bruce Willis Appears as a Villain in the Latest Film of His Career (Trailer)


While he announced his retirement a few days ago, Bruce Willis will soon be appearing on Corrective Measures. Affected by aphasia, the star of the saga diehard announced on March 30 that he was retiring as an actor. His illness takes up too much space and prevents him from exercising his profession properly. Corrective Measures will therefore be one of his last films.

Goodbye Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis is over forty years of careermore than 130 film appearances and televised and they are above all immense classics like Crystal Trap, The Fifth Element, Army of the 12 Monkeys or Sixth Sense. Today 67 years oldthe actor announced his retirement on March 30. Aphasia sufferer, he is no longer in a state to continue to practice his acting profession. It is for this reason in particular that in recent years, Bruce Willis has shot in many broke Z seriesdirect to DVDs and good big turnips on Sunday afternoons like Cosmic Sin, Open Source or Apex.

Corrective Measures

It is in this logic that Bruce Willis will soon be on the poster of Corrective Measures, which will mark one of his final screen appearances. Directed by Sean O’Reilly, the feature film tells the story of Julius “The Lobe” Loeb (Bruce Willis) who finds himself locked up in San Tiburon prison, one of the most dangerous in the world. Indeed, it contains the most powerful villains in the middle. As the tension between inmates and staff escalates, anarchy begins to grip the prison.

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Corrective Measures is adapted from eponymous graphic novel published by Arcana Comics. The feature film will be available from April 29 on the Tubi streaming platform and on VOD. Writer and director Sean Patrick O’Reilly said:

Corrective Measures is a project I’ve wanted to see come to life from the pages of Arcana’s graphic novel series for a long time. Supervising this project from script to screen has been an incredible journey. Directing, writing and producing Corrective Measures was an incredible experience.

The trailer promises an uninhibited B series in the world of superheroes. Even though the film once again appears to be a relatively broke production, the presence of Michael Rooker and the comics aspect could allow Corrective Measures to stand out.

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