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Chainsaw Man: the new animated MAPPA (Attack on Titan) offers a release window


chain saw man is probably one of manga most curious of this generation. First unveiled in 2018 in the Shonen Jump, it will arouse curiosity to the point of being exported all over the world, appealing to an ever-growing audience. In a live, we learned thatan animated season was planned by studio MAPPA, but no specific release date. Now, we may have a first clue about it.

chain saw man : best concept?

maybe the name of the author of chain saw man will tell you something. Indeed, the latter is scripted and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimotoalso known for the excellent Fire Punch which we strongly recommend. The growing success of chain saw man is such thatan anime adaptation was inevitable. This one arrives beautiful and well, in particular thanks to the work of the MAPPA studio which has proven itself on the animation in particular of The attack of the Titans but also many other popular titles, like Gambling School or the excellent Jujutsu Kaisen whose film won a small record in cinemas. The popularity of the studio is such that they have almost doubled the number of anime produced since 2020. Internet users worried about the practice of Crunch inside the studio.

But we’re not here to talk about that, sincethey had revealed at the Crunchyroll Festival the first trailerout of nowhere from the anime chain saw man. A trailer of barely a minute very gory and dark, which will respect the manga wonderfully, promising bloody and extremely violent fights. The trailer had a lot of reactions from Internet users on Twitter, and you can find their reactions here. On the other hand, we are not going to leave Twitter since, according to theInsider Sugoi LITE followed by 20,000 subscribersit is very likely that the anime chain saw man come out in the year 2022, and more precisely in autumnpossibly around the middle of October or the end of this month, may coincide with Halloween, even if it is not the real reason. On the other hand, nothing specifies a real release dateeven if it is already possible to make some interesting hypotheses when we know how the MAPPA studio works.

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TV Anime “Chainsaw Man” – Broadcast Fall 2022. #チェンソーマン pic.twitter.com/XhULmdSYUG

April 16, 2022

MAPPA: a studio under tension

Yes chain saw man is indeed still scheduled to land this year, so a window for current 2022 makes sense. Already, in view of the animation visible in the trailer, it is impossible that it arrives later since it is already finished or almost finished. Japanese shows generally follow a three-month publication schedule, hence the division into “seasons” when talking about the broadcast of Japanese anime series. Studio MAPPA is no exception to the rule, with 5 series broadcast in 2021. Two in April, two in July, one in October. This pattern is repeated regularly and makes it possible to make the end of a cycle of 12 or 24 episodes coincide with the start of another manga, in order to always feed the viewer’s catalog.

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Be careful though, MAPPA has already bent the rule for some of its little nuggets, such as the final season of the attack of the Titanswhich first aired on December 6, 2020. For the year 2022, we already had the final season part 2 aired on January 9th, as well as the manga dance dance dancer in April, Gambling School Twin in August. There is only one unused time slot left for chain saw man : October 2022. The schedule is complete. If you ever want to learn more about the manga chain saw manwe explain in an article here all the reasons that can make you appreciate the manga, and why it generates so much enthusiasm.

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