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Blood donation: faced with very low stocks, the EFS urgently calls for donations


Zoe Pallié

In many departments, blood reserves are again at an alarming level due to the health crisis. To boost donations, the French Blood Establishment has launched a new campaign to alert on stocks of melting blood bags and platelets.

The letters A, B and O, like those of blood groups, will soon have to disappear from the posters of the French Blood Establishment. The goal is to raise awareness about blood donation and, above all, to mobilize new donors, who have been declining since the health crisis.

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A low stock

“Since the start of the pandemic, we have had more drop-off points in companies and universities which were places where we managed to mobilize new donors. And so, little by little, we have fewer and fewer new donors. “, laments Hervé Meinrad. According to the director of collection for the French Blood Establishment (EFS), less than 80,000 bags remain in stock.

A need for 10,000 samples per day

“We have very low stocks. Today, the particularity is that we have been at these very low levels for several weeks and our products have very short lifespans. So we need ‘a permanent flow of donations to also ensure a permanent stock of products. ” In total, to meet the needs of health establishments, the EFS would require nearly 10,000 samples per day. “And today, we are not there,” warns Hervé Meinrad.

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