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Bill Murray: his last filming stopped following this very inappropriate behavior


Huge Hollywood film actor, Bill Murray is targeted in a letter for inappropriate behavior on the set of the film Being Mortal by Aziz Ansari. The American actor has already been at the center of these behavioral problems earlier in his career.

A cult actor

Cult actor of the cinema, Bill Murray, represents more than sixty films played, over 5 decades, and an implacable charisma. Of Lost in Translation to ghostbusters Passing by A day without end Where Aquatic lifethe actor, humorist, but also American director has an acting style that is as long as his arm.

Added to this are the voices for animated films such as Clive Badger in Fantastic Mr FoxBaloo in the remake of the Jungle Book, or Boss in The Isle of Dogs.

excessive aggressiveness

However, in private life, and in particular in social and professional relations, Murray is not exempt from reproaches. His ex-wife Jennifer Butler, with whom he had 4 sons, accused him of domestic violence and alcoholism during the divorce established in 2008.

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As on the set of Charlie’s Angels in 2000, actress Lucy Liu revealed that the American actor then violently insulted him seeing that one of the scenes had been rewritten:

I defended myself and I regret nothing. It doesn’t matter if you’re the star of the movie, no matter where you’re from, there’s no reason to be condescending or to put people down like that. Los Angeles Times.

“Inappropriate behavior”

So currently in the middle of filming the film Being Mortal from Aziz Ansari, the team received a letter from the Searchlight Pictures productionrevealing that Bill Murray allegedly behaved ‘inappropriately’ on site. Result, the shooting was put in standby until the case is settled.

Last week we received a complaint and immediately took it seriously. We sincerely thank you for your involvement in this project. Our goal is to take it back, so we are working with aziz and Youree Henley (the producer), to find the right timing, the production will let you know about this break, as soon as we have more info to provide.

This halt comes as the filming of the film was half finished. It is currently unknown if the actor of ghostbusters will resume his role or if he will be permanently dismissed and replacedor precisely what facts he is accused of. It will probably be necessary to wait for the mystery to be cleared up.

The film is an adaptation of We are all mortal: what really matters at the end of life by Atul Gawande, which covers topics such as palliative care and how medicine has evolved over time.

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