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Between Label rouge and Label bio, how to choose the right meat?


How to choose the right meat? In France, the attribution of different Labels and appellations exists to indicate the origin of the meat that we consume. To explain their function, Patricia Chairopoulos, journalist at Insee and author of a study on meat for 60 million consumers, and Romain Lebœuf, artisan butcher and best worker in France, were the guests of Bienfait pour vous, on Europe 1.

What are the differences between Label rouge and Label bio?

Patricia Chairopoulos indicated that Label rouge and Label bio are “two official labels stamped by the Ministry of Agriculture. The Label bio means that the animals are fed with organic fodder or cereals, which the Label rouge does not necessarily do. “.

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On the other hand, “the Red Label has a taste quality requirement that there is not in the Organic Label”, added the journalist. This is the main difference between these two Labels. Among the others that exist, the protected designation of origin (PDO) concerns very little meat. “These are products very attached to the region, with traditions, but there are very few”, detailed Patricia Chairopoulos.

“As a professional, it is also a specification”

As an artisan butcher, Romain Lebœuf pays attention to Labels, a guarantee of quality. “As a professional, it is also a specification, that is to say that we know how it is done, that the breeding period is respected, monitored and controlled”, he added. he rocks. “So it’s done to also reassure our consumer who, in front of a display, doesn’t necessarily know what to choose.”

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Above all, the interest, according to Romain Leboeuf, is to better navigate in supermarkets. “There are a lot of offers and a lot of different prices. So you have to understand what you are buying. The labels are there to help the consumer and the butcher to convince the consumer.

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