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#BalanceTonYoutubeur: this new French YouTuber is accused of taking advantage of his position for nudes


We know it, the #BalanceTonYoutubeur phenomenon has been gaining momentum on the networks since 2018, and some Youtubers have since faced heavy charges. However, a French Youtubeur is talking about him at this very moment, after accusations just as serious about him.

The #BalanceTonYoutubeur phenomenon

Following a statement from Squeezie in 2018, the hashtag #BalanceTonYoutubeur quickly gained notoriety on Twitter. Even today, this hashtag continues to be talked about, since Norman was charged againin April 2021, for taking advantage of his influence.

And it was not the last, since in June 2021, Pierre Croce had also been accused of taking advantage of his status as an influencer. Various threads have since taken place on Twitter, and today’s directly concerns another well-known French Youtuberwhich currently has more than 250,000 subscribers.

A new Youtuber accused of manipulation and harassment of a minor for sexual purposes

It all starts with a Twitter user who describes himself as a former discord moderator of the FunWise channel, hosted by YouTuber TheMegaPyx.

The latter published, on March 8, a series of tweets accusing the Youtuber MegaPyx of manipulation linked to his status as an influencermanipulation in particular on minors, and for sexual purposes.

Hello everyone, I come to express myself on a subject that I have been able to see for several years but have never really been able to react for lack of evidence, today is the time and I will speak from @/TheMegaPyx, a youtuber has over 200k profiting from his subs1/?

March 8, 2022

Already to place you in the story, I’ve known the Funwise channel for a really long time and I was even a moderator for some in their discord server a few years ago, before I was fired for I don’t know what reason but I just not to talk about that 2/?

March 8, 2022

To support his statements, the user that we will call “Telwxn” presents screens which would be the screens of a conversation between the Youtuber MegaPyx and a 14-year-old minor. The young girl declares that she does not necessarily want to send her nudes, and the Youtuber pretends to understandbefore encouraging him to take action.

Then prepare your eyes, I have screens dating back 2 years of a girl who was 14 at the time and he was 21, and it’s really his screens that shocked and disgusted me, that’s when I realized the seriousness of the thing 7/? pic.twitter.com/GOeaqUNnL2

March 8, 2022

You should know that the girl was young so obviously did not realize what she was doing, but it was entirely manipulation like the one above 8/? pic.twitter.com/0ZbHikFWd8

March 8, 2022

And to prove to its readers that nothing was invented, the author of the thread reveals a video of the conversation, conversation always between, probably, one of the young girls who wanted to testify in this story and the YouTuber.

For those who don’t believe insta screens pic.twitter.com/TDqsJ5040i

March 8, 2022

The thread then continues on Twitter, with the user “Telwxn” which reveals other “evidence” according to his words, concerning the testimonies of other people who would have been manipulated by MegaPyx. Despite everything, it is always important to remember that as long as the justice (which has not been seized according to our information) has not rendered its verdict, everyone is presumed innocent in a case.

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UPDATE FROM MARCH 09 at 10:10 p.m.:

Youtuber MegaPyx just shared a tweet for his fans, tweet here:

The link refers to a message that we offer you find out below :

Goodnight all,

I think you all suspect the why and how of this message.

I preferred to take my time to write this message but since the team launched the march to express themselves, I am speaking in turn.

Let’s be clear, I do not intend to take each message that has been posted on a case-by-case basis, to rectify or correct the slightest inaccurate detail. So I’m going straight to the part that concerns you.

All my life I have known only long-distance relationships, despite the risks and the unhealthy side that I could bring to it. Simply, that’s how I saw relationships until then. Having isolated myself enormously for years, I got into the habit of investing myself a lot in the virtual while the age differences were beautiful and very real.

With the influence that I began to have, I did not strike in time what these relationships could reflect as an image of me, despite my majority.

In total from 2017 to September 2020, I rubbed shoulders with and sometimes “virtually” went out with a dozen girls aged 14 to 21.

So much for the main charges.

In September 2020 I definitely cut off contact with these people. I never imagined that I had caused much more pain.

Even if most of these people don’t expect an apology from me, I mostly do for my old community, for my old friends, my old colleagues, my old moderators.

I deeply regret having caused harm and not having opened my eyes sooner.

However, I do not accept that people who are or have been close to me are attacked simply because they did not know anything about it or only realized very late that it could be dangerous for their image. their;
I ask you not to take it out on Jbiox, Nitwest, Clémentinise, Matilleuh, Wello, Strange, Poupou, Trotro, Lowyy, Faucon, Stelius, Bauppin or any other person who has moderated or worked with me. Please. I am the only culprit.

And as a fault implies its share of consequences, I therefore make the decision to leave Youtube, Twitch and all social networks involving the name of “FunWise” or “MegaPyx”.
It was a great adventure, which I unfortunately marred.

I won’t respond to comments from ex-FunWise members.

I don’t know yet what tomorrow will bring, I don’t think I’ll release a Farewell video, at the risk of further tarnishing the image of the old team.

For those who want to follow the band without me, Jbiox said he will continue the videos.

To anyone who may have crossed my path: I’m sorry. Know that I work harder every day to become a better person, and I’m so sorry it ended like this. I think we would all have preferred an ending that didn’t include such grievous mistakes.


MegaPyx “Arnaud” FunWise.

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