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Afghanistan hit by three attacks in two days


It was a day of prayer this Friday, April 22 in the Mawlavi Sikandar mosque, frequented by Sufis and located in the district of Imam Sahib in the province of Kunduz. As the men and young boys had already entered the building, an explosion ripped through one of the walls of the mosque. Nearly 33 people including children were killed. Others were taken to nearby hospitals.

Hatred against Sufis

Jihadist groups such as the Islamic State have a deep hatred for this Sufi Muslim movement, which they consider heretical and accuse of polytheism – the greatest sin in Islam – to ask for the intercession of saints .

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The explosion on Friday came the day after two attacks claimed by the Islamic State group in Afghanistan, which in total left at least 16 dead and dozens injured. One against a Shiite mosque in the city of Mazar-e Charif (north), in which 12 worshipers died and 58 were injured, the other the same day caused at least 4 deaths and 18 injuries in Kunduz, during from the explosion of a bomb placed on a bicycle, to the passage of a vehicle transporting civilian mechanics working for a Taliban military unit.

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On Tuesday, two other explosions hit a boys’ school in a Shiite neighborhood of Kabul, killing 6 and injuring more than 25. The attack has not been claimed, but Afghan Shiites, mostly from the Hazara community which constitutes between 10 and 20% of the 38 million inhabitants of Afghanistan, have long been the target of Daesh, who sees them as heretics.

A challenge for the Taliban in power

While Taliban officials insist their forces have defeated the Islamic State group, Afghanistan scholars believe the jihadist organization still poses a major security threat to Afghanistan and a challenge to the forces in power. . Since the Americans left the territory last August, the Taliban have regularly carried out raids against suspected Daesh hiding places, notably in the province of Nangarhar (East).

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In recent years, the Islamic State has claimed some of the deadliest attacks in Afghanistan. In May 2021, as many as 85 people, mostly female students, were killed and more than 300 injured when three bombs exploded near their school in Dasht-e Barchi, west of Kabul city. This attack had not been claimed but, in October 2020, the Islamic State had launched a suicide attack against a school center in the same place and killed 24 people including students. And in May 2020, an attack on a maternity hospital in the same neighborhood left 25 dead.

“Since the Taliban took over, the only thing they bragged about was improved security,” said Hekmatullah Hekmat, an independent political and security expert. “If this does not hold and if they fail to contain the Islamic State, then they will fail like the previous government. »

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