How to Add/Submit Your Website to UC News


How to Add/Submit Your Blog/Website to UC News or How to Submit : In Recent times Uc Browser has become the Worlds best android mobile browser that beats the Chrome browser at a time it has also become India’s top Browser also, this UC Browser will be used for reading the News that what happening around the world. Most of the android Users Prefer UC Browser because its very reliable and comfort and east to use and also it consumes Low data usage for a User, have As Everyone Knows that this UC Browser had more than One Million Users are Now Using this News application in their Smartphones and in their Laptops /Desktops and in Tablets too.Just Think of Your Website or Your Blog that how Traffic will come from the UC Browser a Day that you post’s your articles and got a huge traffic Through UC News and how much traffic you need to get in Done.

If Once Your Website or Blog is approved by the UC News then you can Post your articles in the UC News that you will be seen in the Browser, If you want to show your articles and Post in the News so check this Topic for You.

How to Submit Your Blog/Website to UC News

This is the Most searched topic on the Internet as every blogger and the digital marketing that they want to market their website/ blog in the Social Media as in facebook and in all social media marketing sites, So Now We Will Check the details about How to submit your blog/website to the UC News that they can show their Articles in the UC Browser, as its submitting process is very easy but the approval from the UC News will take More than a week to activate it So lets check the process how to add your blog to the UC News.

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First of all, All you need is to Subit your Website or Blog to the UC WEb or UC News, later the UC Web or UC News Team will Review Your application that which website you want to add and the content that you want the team will check all your website Data that it is safe to add ot not after all these processes done then they will approve your site to the UC News,after approved your site from the Aksotn will Index your articles in the UC News automatically.

How To Publish On UC News App / How to Submit Your Website/Blog to the UC News Check Below:

  • Firstly Go to this web link and then click on Signup Button.
  • Now Verify Your Email Address by clicking the Verification Link on Your Email id Inbox.
  • Then Choose which type of account as we need Personal.
  • Later on the Next Page, You must need to Complete Your Account Information by Submitting all your Required Information of the Website/ Blog that wants to add.
  • Then Select the Account Operator Name/Blog Category/Enter Mobile Number.
  • Now the Tax Form will appear, You can ignore it if you doesn’t have it.
  • At last Click on the Accept the Terms and Conditions and then Click on the Continue Button.
  • Finally, You are Successfully Submitted Your Website/Blog to the Team of UC News.
  • Later after 48 Hours the team of UC News will check the application for your website and they will refer to add your site to the UC News, That’s It Enjoy.

10. After Submitting Your Site it Will Show Like this:

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