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a relieved but wary foreign press


► In the United Kingdom, a victory that includes a “warning”

“Macron promises unity after removing the Le Pen threat. » The British newspaper The Guardianwelcoming the victory over the far right in the second round of the 2022 presidential election, recalled that Emmanuel Macron was the first president to be re-elected in over twenty years and Jacques Chirac’s victory in 2002. However, the daily of center left also recalled the score “historically high” far right with 42% of the vote.

The Liberal Weekly The Economist is more enthusiastic, hailing a victory “historical” and ” outstanding “that of a “pro-European liberal centrist on populism”. Its correspondent in France stresses, however, that the score obtained by Marine Le Pen constitutes a form of” Warning “.

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► Seen from Germany, “not much to celebrate”

For the German daily Picture, “Macron wins but does not have much to celebrate”. The highest circulation of the German press recalls the millions of votes that went to the National Rally and especially the millions of voters who refused to block. Picture also insists on the continuous progress of the extreme right since its score of 17.79% in the second round in 2002.

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Die Welt drop a big “phew”. For this liberal-conservative daily, if the euphoria has disappeared, there remains the relief that a “democratic, liberal and pro-European politics shaped by the spirit of the Enlightenment” defeated the far right. Die Welt also insisted on the international: a victory for Marine Le Pen, judged “pro-Kremlin”would have paralyzed the European Union in the face of one of the most serious crises in its recent history, the war in Ukraine, according to the daily.

► For the Italian press, a divided France which remains despite everything Atlanticist and liberal

In Italy, Il Corriere della Sera welcomed France’s choice, which focused on “Atlanticism, Liberalism and Globalization”. The daily, however, recalled that the country was divided as never before. While the city of Paris voted nearly 90% for Emmanuel Macron, the newspaper insists on the gulf that separates the “France from above” of the “France from below”.

La Stampa She also underlines two downsides to the outgoing President’s broad victory: abstention, the highest since 1969, and the ” anger “ French people who have chosen to give their voice to Marine Le Pen, to which Emmanuel Macron’s policy will have to respond during the next five-year term.

► The Spanish press sees the “fracture” of France

“Macron imposes himself in a fractured France”title El País. The Spanish daily also recalls that this presidential election was marked by the largest abstention since 1969 and a historic result for the far right.

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El Mundo wants to be more optimistic: “Macron won. Relief. Moreover, the difference in votes between the two candidates is significant,” says columnist Ana Palacio on the evening of the president’s re-election.

► Seen from the United States, inequalities are a thorn in Macron’s side

In the USA, The Washington Post considers that the election of Emmanuel Macron is beneficial for the international balance and for the European Union. This one needs “continuity” and of “stability” after being weakened by Brexit, populist attacks and the war in Ukraine.

the New York Times also welcomes the results of the election, emphasizing the achievements of the outgoing President. For the American daily, his re-election owes a lot to his good management of the Covid-19 crisis, the recovery of the economy and his political skill. Emmanuel Macron, analyzes the newspaper, succeeded in occupying a very large portion of the center of the political spectrum, but the persistence of ” inequality ” darkens its balance sheet.

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