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-44% on this excellent gaming chair


Having a high-performance gaming setup is generally essential to a good gaming experience. In addition to the desk, the tower, the mouse, the keyboard and the headset, the chair remains a key element. And for good reason, a good seat is important, both for your playing comfort and your back. And that’s good, this excellent gaming chair is currently at -44%.

-190 € on this gaming chair

For your gaming sessions or simply daily office work, owning a good gaming chair is essential. And for good reason, in the long term, it is possible that your back will suffer. To protect against this, it is therefore advisable to turn to well thought-out chairs. To guide you in your quest, today we invite you to discover a gaming chair targeted by an attractive promotion, drastically lowering its price.

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This chair with an ergonomic design is equipped with a lumbar cushion, a headrest and an adjustable backrest. Adjust it as you wish so that it best matches your spine. The seat cushion is made of high-density memory foam, which is described as breathable. A comfortable seat for gamers as well as office automation enthusiasts.

Adjustable back angle, adjustable height, this chair is made with high quality materials for added comfort and durability. The base is made of high quality nylon when the wheels, described as silent, would avoid marks on floors, especially parquet. Guaranteed for two years, this chair is thus supported following a possible problem.

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And with the current promotion, this chair, usually displayed at a price of €339.99, is available at a price of €149.99 (-44%).

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