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17 injured in Russian shelling of children’s hospital, summit talks tomorrow in Turkey


The Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has already caused hundreds of deaths and millions of refugees, has been going on for two weeks. Today, a Russian bombardment on a children’s hospital in Mariupol injured 17 people. Summit talks will take place between the belligerents tomorrow in Turkey.

► Russia accused of blocking the evacuation of civilians

Russians and Ukrainians agreed on Wednesday morning to respect ceasefires around a series of humanitarian corridors to evacuate civilians, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk announced. In particular, corridors have been defined to evacuate civilians from Energodar to Zaporozhzhya (south), from Izium to Lozova (east) and from Sumy to Poltava (north-east), where a corridor had already enabled the evacuation of more than 5,000 people on Tuesday. Ukrainian officials, however, say hundreds of thousands of people are stranded in these towns by the Russians.

► 17 adults injured in the bombing of a pediatric hospital

Kharkiv, the second city of Ukraine (1.4 million inhabitants), 50 km from the Russian border, was still holding Wednesday despite an encirclement and intense Russian bombardments, according to Western observers. Moscow is also leading an offensive from the pro-Russian separatist territories of Donetsk and Lugansk (east), but the extent of their advance remained unknown.

Kiev remains under Ukrainian control, despite heavy bombing. If the US Department of Defense believes that the Russian advance to take the capital is ” to the point of death “columns of Russian tanks are about fifteen kilometers from Kiev, near Brovary.

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Russian troops besiege the port city of Mariupol, in the south-east of the country, which is still resisting. 17 adults were injured in the bombardment by the Russian army of a pediatric hospital in the city, announced a regional official, Pavlo Kirilenko.

Ukraine: “Trusting Putin on humanitarian corridors is a risk, but do we have a choice?” »

The power supply of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and its safety equipment is ” completely “ cut off due to Russian military actions. However, this power outage on the site does not present “no major impact on safety”assures the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), informed of the problem by the Ukrainian authorities.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Wednesday called on Westerners to “decide as soon as possible” the issue of sending Mig-29 aircraft. Warsaw had offered on Tuesday to make its Mig-29 planes available to the United States for subsequent delivery to Ukraine. A judged proposal “unsustainable” by Washington. Moscow denounces this proposal as a “very undesirable and potentially dangerous scenario”.

► The European Union expands its sanctions

The 27 decided on Wednesday to broaden their sanctions against Moscow and Minsk, in particular by disconnecting three Belarusian banks from the international financial platform Swift, announced the French presidency of the Council of the European Union. New sanctions targeting the maritime sector and cryptocurrencies were also adopted while 14 oligarchs and 146 Russian senators were added to the EU blacklist.

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→ ANALYSIS. War in Ukraine: do without Russian gas, the European puzzle

The Kremlin denounced the “economic warfare” declared by the United States to Russia, following Washington’s announcement of an embargo on American imports of oil and gas.

The American chains McDonald’s and Starbucks have announced the temporary closure of many establishments in Russia, following in the footsteps of the global cosmetics giant L’Oréal. Coca-Cola has announced the suspension of its operations in the country.

► Discussions between the Russian and Ukrainian foreign ministers tomorrow, a first since the start of the war

In an interview with the American television channel ABC, Volodymyr Zelensky declared that he no longer insisted on Ukraine joining NATO, one of the issues invoked by Moscow to justify the invasion. The Ukrainian President said he was ready for a “compromise” on the status of the separatist territories in eastern Ukraine whose independence Vladimir Putin has unilaterally recognized.

War in Ukraine: Western companies are deserting Russia

Russia, for its part, says it observes ” some progress “ in the negotiations with Ukraine. Russia’s goals “does not include the occupation of Ukraine, the destruction of its state, or the overthrow of the current government”said a government spokeswoman.

Talks are scheduled for tomorrow in Antalya, Turkey, between Russian Foreign Ministers Sergey Lavrov and Ukrainian Dmytro Kuleba. A first at this level since the beginning of the conflict.

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