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15 Pokémon fusions that would belong in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple


For more than two decades, Pokémon has been delighting young and old. Opus after opus and generation after generation, this phenomenon from Japan amazes with its popularity. After the very good Pokémon Legends: Arceus at the start of the year, The Pokémon Company must return to the charge with the Scarlet and Violet versions, two new titles which will accompany the arrival of the ninth generation of Pokémon. A universe that inspires many artists. Between the Pokémon created randomly by AI, imagined from scratch by enthusiasts or even born from dantesque fusions, fans of the license have no shortage of additional creations. It’s time for us to present to you the fusions of QuoteDotLass, an artist who has given birth to particularly well-crafted Pokémon, which would undoubtedly deserve their place in the next versions of the franchise. Illustrations to discover below, or via his Reddit account.

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#1 Skitty + tutankafer

#2 corayon + leviator

#3 momartik + volcaropod

#4 typhlosion + clamiral / Heliastem + gobou / Lucario + Tenefix

#5 musteflot + cocotine

#6 amphinobi + porygon Z

#7 kaimorse + obalia

#8 hydrohydric + branette

#9 mega-gallade + ninjask

#10 aquali + flowers

#11 munja + gardevoir

#12 loklass + dragmara

#13 torterra + Hippowdon

#14 baudrive + capumin

#15 ecaïd + Malamandre

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