world war III: Is world going to see in May 13? Horracio Villegas


world war III: A self-proclaimed ‘messenger of God’ Horracio Villegas who precisely prognosticated Trump’s ascent to the administration now predicts conceivable day and age for World War III. Interesting enough, one of his predictions has as of now work out as expected! He apparently predicted an extremely billionaire person representative would turn into the Illuminati ruler who will bring the world into World War III.

Everything seems to be going toward that path.

His prediction of USA’s attack on Syria has likewise worked out.

As per Mirror, the spiritualist likewise predicted war in Syria and said that Russia and USA both will in the end get included to make it the most deadly war of the decade. The fight between ISIS and Syrian strengths has been continuing since the most recent 6 years and it doesn’t appear to end sooner rather than later with US forces getting included at this point.

He predicted 3 nations would start the war.


He likewise predicted that the US, China and North Korea will get into a conflict that will have no clear victor. The conflict will proceed for 3 months with phenomenal loss of lives and properties. On the off chance that his prediction works out as expected, the war is weeks away

Syria, Russia, North Korea and the USA appear war-prepared Here’show Horracio Villegas ‘The Messenger of God’ predicts occasions.

He is a Roman Catholic, and his predictions depend on religion. He claimed that Our Lady, another name for Mother Mary, first went to Fatima in Portugal on May 13, 1917.The spiritualist trusts that war will break out around the same time 100 year later. Mother Mary went by a few times and the last appearance was said to have happened on 17 October, the day World War III will end. Seriously fella? How about we see!

Nuclear War?

Reports said that, Vegas additionally forecasted that the third world war will be an nuclear war and that a few countries will be through and through wiped away! He said ‘the message is that the war will break out at whatever time between May and October and there will be much destruction, death and shock.’ He additionally said that there will be false banner occasions between April 13 and May 13 where attacks are carried out between under false information, including Syria and North Korea.

So we should all hold up till May 13 and see what happens.

North Korea planning for war


USA walking towards North Korea The deadly war in Syria

Russian forces in Syria

Is it true that we are heading towards a war?

So how about we all hold up till May 13 and see what happens.

Let us not overlook what an awesome soul once said, an eye for an eye makes the entire world blind.’

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