Veteran Canadian Warship Demilitarized in Halifax


HALIFX, N.S. – A veteran Canadian warship that served in the first Gulf War was Demilitarized on Friday in Halifax. {Canada}

HMCS Athabaskan sailed around Halifax harbour for the last time as part of a ceremony marking its final retirement from service.

The destroyer was the last serving member of a class of four destroyers that have served the Canadian navy since the early 1970s.

The navy’s most senior officer says for more than four decades the vessel and her crews have proudly served and protected Canada.

Vice-Admiral Ron Lloyd says the navy’s future is partly anchored on the legacy of ships such as Athabaskan.

The destroyer brought in aid after hurricane Katrina in 2006 and Haiti’s 2010 earthquake, on top of its NATO obligations and fisheries and sovereignty patrols.

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