Top 10 Best Red Carpet Appearances in 2016


Top 10 Best Red Carpet Appearances in 2016 , This Year Priyanka Chopra Owned the Oscars and Emmys Red Carpet and Jennifer Garner Looked Divine in the Stunning Black Gown after announcing Divorce From Husband and Actor Ben Affleck .

We Wonder if we are leaving the World any More Stylish thatn how we Found it at the Beginning of the Year.

The following list of the Bollywood Divas woman in their Stunning Dresses that we did good in 2016, that Priyanka Chopra Owned the Oscars and Emmys red Carpet and Jennifer Garner looked Divine in a Stunning Black Gown soon After announcing Divorce From his Husband and Actor Ben Affleck

1}Claire Danes at Met Gala

Homeland Star Claire Danes Wore the Most Gorgeous Ice Blue Dress to the MET Gala Where the Theme of this Year was Manus X Machine and it’s so Special the dress was designed by Zac Posen Glowed in the Dark..

2}Priyanka Chopra at Oscars and Emmys

Priyanka Chopra was a Fashion’s big finder in 2016 and we don’t say so that the Entire International Media does and she topped almost all lists of Best Dressed Celebrities at Red carpet Events.

3}Kerry Washington at Emmys

Kerry was looked stunning and like a Goddess when she was rocked this Black Dress During her Pregnancy at the Emmys.

4}Rachel McAdams at Critics Choice Awards

Depend on Elie Saab to turn You into a princess with just a Dress and the Rust dress with a golden Chains for Straps looked amazing on Reachel who Also won an award this Night.

5}Selena Gomez at American Music Awards

Selena Gomez made an appearance at the American Music Awards after talking a break from her work and what an appearance it was , She wore a Stunning Red Panda Gown With Cartier Jewelry and Giuseppe Zanotti Heels on that Dress.

6}Emma Stone at La La Land screening at the Venice Film Festival

Emma Stone at La La Land screening at the Venice Film Festival Emma Stone was a mermaid on land in this Shimmery Versace beauty and the Dress was made with Fringe details and tugged at her Waist and the really superb on Red Carpet.

7}Alicia Vikander at Golden Globes and Oscars

Alicia Vikander at Golden Globes and Oscars Alicia Vikander won the Oscar that night and also the appreciation of all Fashion Moguls around the world with her Yellow dress that reminded Everyone’s of Belle From Beauty and The Beast.

8} The Indian Beauty Aishwarya Rai at Cannes

Aishwarya Rai wore many dresses at her Cannes trip this year but this is one of the Stunning Dress She Wore Ever from Elie Saab Stood out, and it was elegant and Stunning just like the one who wore it check it out.

9}Jennifer Garner at Oscars

Jennifer Garner Never Looked better than this Dress She did in this black Versace gown at the Oscars the Gown in Itself may not be Super but there is something about Gerner Herself again.

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10}Blake Lively at Cannes Film Festival

Let Black Lively teach you How to look amazing when Pregnant and she walked like a dream at the Cannes Film Festival while Pregnant with her Second Daughter.


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