Our very own President Trump is once again getting trolled over the internet. And this time, he goes tiny. Sounds fun right?

Just after Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, there has been no stopping of the Netizens from taking potshots on him. From his tweets to speeches, and his signature to handshake-everything has been the buzz in the virtual world. Some days ago, a few people seemed to be making jokes of his “tiny hands” And now,  the size has diminished way too much literally!

Recently Reddit users created a new community to post photoshopped images of President Trump and they are breaking the internet with a bunch of Tiny Trump images!  The group ‘r/Tinytrumps’ already boasts of subscribers over 19,000. Picking out his official pictures from the past, Photoshop experts have left most of it unaltered apart from changing Trump’s size. Shrinking him down to about size of a four-year-old, the images make him look like a teeny-tiny crawler while everyone else remains the same size

Here are the Tiny Trump collection

Baby Trump damn cute…..

Daughter and Father bonding

Trump…it’s time to do something

Tiny Trump at Big Press Conference

Obama Instructing and Tiny trump listening carefully

Tiny Trump Walking with his daughter

Tiny Trump needs help with his tie

Tiny Trump “Person of the year”

Tiny Trump meets big Putin

Tiny Trump biggest election day ever

Tiny Trump shaking hands with Justin Trudeau

Tiny Trump with Bodyguards

laughing it out

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Please spare me, it’s shit time

Mr. President stay in the lines

Tiny trump at Interview time!

Big day for a Small Trump!

Can you Spot the Trump

Tiny Trump with Big Man schwarzenegger

Tiny Trump Loves to Dance but its too big to handle

Did you find these pictures funny?

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