Taliban Released a Footage Of kidnapped American-Canadian family.


Taliban Released a Footage Of kidnapped American-Canadian family. An image from a video footage that was posted by the Taliban on Social Media on December 19, 2016, that showing American Caitlan Coleman saying that and next to her Canadian husband Joshua Boyle and their two sons was in the Image.

Senior Taliban Confirmed on Tuesday that they had released a new footage that showing a Kidnapped American Canadian Family and including their two sons that were released to a network of Haqqani Network.

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The Video Showed for the first time that the two sons of the Canadian Joshua Boyle and Caitlin Coleman a U.S Citizen Coleman 31 were a Pregnant when the Couple were in 2012 inside the Afghanistan while on a Backpacking Trip.

In that footage Coleman begs for an end to their “Kafkaesque nightmare” and they were in a critical condition and the both were American and Canadian Governments and the Families of Haqqani Captors.

The Two Boys only ask and pray that the two young boys who along with their Parents appeared healthy as Coleman said that “My children have seen their Mother defiled”.

One of the Person said about the Footage was the footage came from the Haqqani network and a close affiliate of the Afgan Taliban and it had been delivered to both U.S and Canadian and they have posted on Youtube late on Monday Night.

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Coleman’s reference to her two ” Surviving Children” was unexplained and she appealed to both of the President Barack Obama and President-Elect Donald Trump to make a deal with their Captors.

They want money power to her Friends you must give them these things before anything can be made.

The Canadian Government Official Micheal O’Shaughnessy said that for the Canadian Department of Global Affairs said we are studying the Footage and take any action on the Incident happened.

The Official statement Kirby called for the families said immediate release on humanitarian grounds and said the U.S Government and we continue to work aggressively to bring in Washington.


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