Sushma Swaraj Fires on Amazon Officials For Selling Doormats with Indian Flags


News about the Canada Officials and Canada Amazon Online E-commerce Site has offering Indian Flag-themed Doormats are Selling on Canada Amazon that came to the External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj Fires out at the Online E-Commerce site Amazon on Wednesday and threatened to rescind the Visas of the Officials of the E-Commerce Giant i they Did not Offer and Unconditional Apology to India.

Disrespect to the National Flag is a Punishable Offence in India, and it involves a Three-Year Jail term and fine or Both can happen.

The Minister also asked the India Embassy to Take up the Matter with Amazon Canada Seriously

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Minister Swaraj’s response on this Issue came after a Tweeter user Tagger her and Pointing out the Sale of the Indian Flags as Doormats and Floor-mats on Amazon.


Products Having national Flags and are Common Abroad. In the US Clothes,towels,Crockery and even some Underwear is sold which bear the US National Flags.

The Amazon Canada which was Selling the Indian Flag Doormat,also has the British and the Canadian Flags in its inventory.

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The Indian Flag Doormats was Priced at 34.99 Canadian Dollars which is in Indian Currency as 1803 Rupees.

if You or your wife were From my Ministry and such a Request for Transfer was made on Twitter, and I would Sent a Suspension order by now.


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