Nusrat Sahar Abbasi Pakistan MP Threatened to self-immolate after she was harassed by Male MP’s in Parliament, saying AFP that the widely-publicized incident shows how laws to protect women are not being enforced.

Imdad Pitafi Provincial Minister who called her to private chambers on the floor of the assembly on Friday and harassed sexually in conservative Pakistan.

Nusarat sahar Abbasi said she protested strongly but the speaker of the assembly, also a woman, refused to take any action.

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Nusarat sahar was frustrated and she took a bottle of petrol and threatening her self if any action was not taken against the Imadad Pitafi who harassed her sexually.

Chiefs of the Federal Party were forced to intervene as the incident was viral on social media ,finally Pitafi caving to the pressure and apologizing in the assembly offering Abbasi a chador, as a mark of the respect.Abbasi said AFP that the incident was over now but it poses a question on the laws implementation of protecting women from sexual harassment.

Abbasi said “Even US, the female MP’s are not safe from sexual harassment think how common people are safe.

Pakistani women are fighting for their rights from decades where honor killings and acid attacks remain commonplace in country.

In a recent years Pakistani has passed several laws against protection for women, some at the provincial level, but the critics has warned that without proper enforcement they will have no impact.

A bill passed in Punjab last year province redefined “violence” to include “any offense committed against a women”, prompting an Islamic religious body to protest that men should be allowed to “lightly beat” their wives.

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