Mother of all Bombs at least 36 Islamic State Militants has Died in the Afghanistan Bomb Attack :- At least 36 ISIS Militants has died in the US Bomb Attack in Afghanistan Yesterday as the Islamic State Militants were Killed in Afghanistan when the United states had dropped a Bomb like Nuclear attack device ever that unleashed in this Big Combat the Afghanistan defense minister Reports.

The Claims have not been Independently verified but the Minister Spokesman Dawlat Wazir said that no Civilian were armed in Thursday’s massive attack blast that targeted a network of caves and the big tunnels.

“No non military personnel has been harmed and just the base which Daesh used to dispatch assaults in different parts of the region, was devastated,” Waziri said in an announcement, utilizing an Arabic expression for Islamic State, which has built up a little fortress in eastern Afghanistan and propelled savage assaults on the capital, Kabul.

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