Miss Universe Canada Slams Body Shamers on Social Media(Instagram)


Miss Universe Canada Slams Body Shamers on Social Media (Instagram)

Miss Universe Canada Says that anonymous Online Commentators told that her She Needed to Lose Weight.

Miss Universe Canada has Taken the Fight to Body Shamers that they were Live on Social Media.

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Siera Bearchell Spoke out that about “Self-Love” after Receiving a number of Negative Comments online on Social Media about Her Weight.

“We Always Focus on the Things that we wish could change rather than loving Everything.

The 23-Year-old Miss Universe Canada Saskatchewan law Student is in the Philippines Competing for the Title of Miss Universe 2016.

While I am First to Say that I am as lean as I was when I Was 16,20, I am More Confident, Capable, Wise and Humble and Passionate than Ever before that She Wrote on the Social Media Platform (Instagram)

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Ms Bearchell told that she was Inspired to Speak openly About the Online Harassment because she wants their women to Know that it’s Okay to be Comfortable with their Body.

“I Decided to Stick True to Myself”,


“Being Healthy, Eating Healthy, that it Doesn’t mean You’re going to look a certain way”.

Beauty Pageants have long been Criticized For reducing Women’s Value to their Waist Size.

But that attitude is starting to change, Ms Bearchell.

Plus-size Model Ashley Graham is Hosting this Year’s Miss Universe Pagent and a sign that the Contest is trying to Change its Own Image.



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