List of countries who supported US after Missile strikes Syria Airbase


While a few Countries have scolded the US’ rocket strike against Syria’s airfield on Thursday, there has likewise been a mind-boggling reaction in support of President Donald Trump’s answer against the Syrian government’s utilization of nerve specialists that killed more than 80 individuals not long ago.

Up until this point, nations like the UK, Germany, France, and Turkey, have expressed their support for the strikes, while others, for example, Russia and Iran, have called the assaults “unrealistic” and “dangerous.”

Here are the countries that have supported, contradicted, or stayed unbiased to Trump’s strike on Syria’s airfield, according to a The New York Times report :

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This countries supported US Missile strikes


“The U.K. government completely underpins the U.S. activity, which we accept was a fitting reaction to the brutal chemical weapons attack launched by the Syrian administration, and is expected to prevent additionally attacks.”

Germany and France

In a joint explanation, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany and President François Hollande of France said that President Bashar al-Assad of Syria “bears sole duty” for the strike.


A representative for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey stated, “The pulverization of Sharyat airbase marks a vital stride to guarantee that chemical and customary attacks against the civilian population don’t go unpunished.”


Israel’s Prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said in an announcement: “President Trump sent a solid and clear message today that the utilization and spread of chemical weapons won’t go on without serious consequences. Israel completely supports President Trump’s choice and expectations that this message of resolve even with the Assad administration’s awful activities will reverberate in Damascus, as well as in Tehran, Pyongyang and somewhere else.”

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s state news office SPA said the government”completely supports” the missile strikes, calling it a “courageous decision” by President Trump in light of the utilization of chemical weapons by the Assad government against regular people.


Malcolm Turnbull, Australia’s leader, said the “Australian government emphatically supports the quick and only reaction of the United States.” He included, “This was an adjusted, proportionate and focused on reaction. It sends a solid message to the Assad administration.”


Italy’s foreign minister, Angelino Alfano, stated, “Italy comprehends the explanations behind the U.S. military action.” However, Italy’s resistance parties denounced the strikes, saying, “One-sided activity is hazardous, damaging and abuses the standards of International law.”


A representative for the Polish government said that the United States was an underwriter of world peace and that there were times when you expected to respond.

The United Arab Emirates

The foreign affairs minister,, Anwar Gargash, stated: “The attack on the civilians is a continuation of the intolerable wrongdoings conferred by the administration against the Syrian individuals. It is an outright infringement of worldwide and helpful traditions.”


Prime Minsiter Shinzo Abe stated, “Japan supports the U.S. government’s assurance to keep the spread and utilization of chemical weapons.”


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in an announcement: “Canada completely supports the United States’ constrained and centered activity to degrade the Assad administration’s capacity to dispatch chemical weapons attacks against innocent people, including many kids. President Assad’s utilization of chemical weapons and the wrongdoings the Syrian administration has submitted against its own people can’t be ignored. These grisly attacks can’t be allowed to proceed with exemption.”

This countries Opposed US Missile Strikes


President Bashar al-Assad’s office impugned the U.S. strike as “heedless, reckless conduct.” The Syrian military called the attack an “obtrusive hostility” that would undermine Syria’s “fight against terrorism.”


Russia’s leader, Vladimir V. Putin, called the U.S. strikes “a demonstration of animosity against a sovereign state conveyed disregarding international law under an unrealistic appearance.” Russia said it was suspending a consent to limit the danger of in-flight conflicts amongst American and Russian aircraft in Syria airspace. Russia additionally approached the United Nations Security Council to assemble a crisis meeting.


Bahram Ghasemi of the Iranian Foreign Ministry said the “one-sided activity is dangerous, damaging and disregards the standards of international law.”

This countries neutral or unclear


China has played it neutral on the strikes, with Hua Chunying of the Chinese Foreign Ministry saying, “We trust all sides will remain quiet and exercise limitation to keep the acceleration of tension.”


Sweden’s foreign minister, Margot Wallstrom, said the attack”brings up issues about how this could be good with international law.”

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