Libyan Plane Hijacked Afriqiyah Airways landed in Malta


Libyan Plane Hijacked Afriqiyah Airways landed in Malta and two hijackers armed with hand grenades and hijack Libyan Plane hijackers claimed to be at Pro-Gaddafi 25 woman and children has been released from the Hijacked Plane 118 crew and the Passengers on the Plane.

A plane on an international flight in Libya that has been hijacked and forced to land in Malta with the total of 118 passengers in the flight.

The two hijackers on the flight that state owned Afriqiyah Airways Plane that have Grenades to blow up the Flight, however Maltese Government Sources said that a
single hijacker was known to be board Flight Number 8U209 and has told crew that he had a grenade to blow up the Plane.

The Deputy Mayor for Lija in Malta,Madga Naudi Confirmed that the hijackers had not yet made any demands to release them.

This flight was carrying 111 passengers 82 men 28 woman an an infant and with a 7 member crew in the flight and it was diverted on Friday Morning hours.

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Serraj al fitouri also said that Dubai based Al-Arabiya that one Libyan Politician is among the list of the Passengers in the Hijacked flight.

The Plane could be seen on the tarmac at Valletta sour-rounded by military vehicles and all flights have been cancelled, and the Plane’s engines wee still running long after the aircraft landed at 10.30 am .

The pilot said that the flight to control tower in Tripoli that they were being hijacked then they lost the communication with them, The pilot tried very hard to save the passengers and to land at the correct destination but they refused to land the Flight.

Libya has been in the state of chaos since 2011 over through of Muammar Gaddafi left warring militias battling for the control of the Different parts of the country.

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