After Snapchat, Sonu Nigam news now its time for American singer Katy Perry


It’s a terrible day for our own special Katy Perry. What’s more, I am feeling so sad for her.The very time this American singer and songwriter posted a photo on her Instagram to express her present state of mood, things turned really bad which was all enough to spoil her already-spoiled mood.

She picked Hindu Goddess Kali to post it to her Instagram account to delineate her “mood” and think about what, Indians (Hindus particularly) didn’t like her at all. What’s more, what next, Katy was left stuck in an unfortunate situation with all the hate comments everywhere throughout the Internet.

Check below to see what really happened!

Appears like Katy Perry is not having a decent time nowadays.

In any case, hold up… She was all great until something unexpected occurred with her.

We will become more acquainted with what was the truth, however utilizing this photo, she revealed that she was not in a decent mind-set.

Katy posted this photo (Hindu Goddess) and gave an insight to her fans that she had some fire in her mind.

What’s more, think about what… Indians (Hinduism supporters) kicked irritated and off cursing her.

People started started , ”You are making fun out of Hindu Gods.”

Not just Instagram, Katy Perry got trolled on Twitter too.

Obviously, there are people with delicate hearts.

Be that as it may, greater part of people didn’t like Katy for this. Look at the photo at the end of the day and see the comments yourself.

Dear Katy, don’t mess with Indians.

I hope your mind-set gets lifted soon!

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