Japan Introduces “Toilet Papers” for Smartphones at Narita Airport


Japan Introduces “Toilet Papers” for Smartphones at Narita Airport, Japan has taken regard of Visitors hospitality and hygiene to the next level by Introducing toilet paper for smartphones in lavatories at Narita International Airport.

Japan has taken its reputation for hygiene for introducing of toilet papers for smartphones at Narita International Airport, The Smartphone sheet which bear the Message as “welcome to Japan”, and were Installed in 86 Cubicles at Narita’s arrivals in this month according to the Mainichi Shimbun.

The Telecom Company behind the Service NTT Docomo said that the option of an extra wipe would remain until next March.The Introduction of the Cleaning Paper came in Existence to Studies showing that smartphones screens typically survey’s show that Foreign visitor’s are impressed with the cleanliness of Japan’s Public toilets.

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These rolls of Papers have been designed Specially for the use of cleaning Smartphone Screes, whats more and the wipes have a welcome message will be displayed on the Paper along with information about Wi-fi spots that helpful and gives some traveling tips.

Toilets are serious business in Japan where many people buildings are fitted with hi-tech washes with heated seats, and in some woman Public lavatories users can call on assistance from the gadget that produces loud flushing sounds on demand to cover up with answering the call of Nature.

Maybe India should take a page out of japan’s book and implement this measures and steps under the Swachh Bharat Mission and after all there are some more Smartphones in India that there are toilets.

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Incoming Passengers at Narita are Encountered to read their Smartphones sheets before they Flush and then for details of Wi-Fi Spots and other Travel information according to the Mainichi.

The Cleaning paper is the telco’s response to a survey showing that smartphones screens typically house five times more germs than toilets do.

Docomo Comapny has also released a footage of how to use the toilet papers as well as the special rolls of Paper Check it Out.

The Smartphones Cleaning rolls will be available till March 15 2017


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