ISIS said America (US) run by an idiot Trump and we also know the reason why


Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), otherwise called Islamic State (IS)/Daesh, in its first authority comments alluding to the US President Donald Trump on April 3, 2017, said that the US was suffocating and “being controlled by a idiot.”

As the news spreads, it will enthusiasm to see the reaction of President Trump. All the more vitally, what should be asked is “Ought to Mr President react?” Does reacting to comments made by ISIS legitimize their contention?

ISIS and Donald Trump

As indicated by New York Post, the ISIS representative, identified as Abi al-Hassan al-Muhajer, stated, “America you have suffocated and there is no deliverer, and you have progressed toward becoming prey for the soldiers of the caliphate in all aspects of the earth, you are bankrupt and the indications of your destruction are clear to each eye.”

“… There is no more confirmation than the way that you are being controlled by a idiot who does not realize what Syria or Iraq or Islam is,” he said in a recording on messaging network Telegram.

ISIS supporters droning master ISIS mottos in Mosul, Iraq.

image source Reuters

Prior too ISIS had made such comments about Donald Trump. The terrorist furnish bragged over Trump’s 2016 Presidential victory. Responding with celebration, an ISIS-associated organize, al-Minbar Jihadi Media, not long after Trump’s victory, composed on its site, “Cheer with support from Allah, and discover happy greetings in the up and coming end of America on account of Trump.

ISIS terrorist with banners

Calling it the start of “dim circumstances” for the US, the terrorist militant outfit on their site, expressed, “Trump’s win of the American presidency will bring antagonistic vibe of Muslims against America therefore of his careless activities, which demonstrate the unmistakable and shrouded scorn against them.”

Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, an al Qaeda follower, tweeted that Trump’s triumph “uncovered the genuine attitude of the Americans, and their racism toward Muslims and Arabs and everything.”

Trump in this meeting called Arab world “Harvard of Terrorism”

image source CNN

The response from ISIS comes with regards to Trump’s hatred for Islam and Islamophobia. Proceeding with his assault on Muslims, Trump audaciously claimed “Islam hates us” and “there is ‘a huge measure of hatred there,” during a interview broadcast on CNN on March 10, 2016. He didn’t take the pain to isolate the confidence from the radical belief system known as Islamic fundamentalism.

further , he told the interviewer, Anderson Cooper, “We must be extremely cautious. We must be exceptionally cautious. What’s more, we can’t permit individuals coming into this nation who have this hatred of the United States.”

Donald Trump on his official Twitter handle pummels the then President Obama.

Adding to his political mistake, Trump, in one of his election campaigning tweets in 2015 had likened Syrian refugees with ISIS.

Donald Trump interview with November 2015.

image source CNN

Expounding on his methodology to defeat the terrorist militant outfit, Trump in another interview in 2015, stated, “ISIS is making an enormous measure of money since they have certain oil camps, certain ranges of oil that they took away. They have some in Syria, some in Iraq. I would bomb the shit out of them. I would simply bomb those suckers. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. I’d explode the pipes…I’d explode each and every inch. There would be nothing cleared out.”

ISIS video demonstrating Kazakh youngsters being prepared by the fear mongers.

Trump’s acidic comments over Islam and Muslims came when ISIS, the most feared terrorist equip, released a video showing the military preparing of youthful Kazakh children. The video titled “Race towards great,” which was apparently produced by Al Hayat Media Center – ISIS’ media wing, appears around 20 youngsters, aged between between four and 12, wearing coordinating same grey uniforms playing out a progression of drills under the supervision of a senior ‘commander’.

ISIS pictures of executions.

In this background of brutality executed by ISIS, Trump built up his talk of “beating the ISIS.” However, he overlooked or intentionally disregarded to separate between the activist Islamist belief system that is wreaking devastation in the Muslim world and the ordinary Muslims who is the firs focus of this barbaric violence. Not long after his victory, Trump made defeating Islamic State a need of his Presidency.

US-supported forces are battling to retake Islamic State’s control over some big cities of Iraq and Syria, where grave violations have occurred. Trump is looking at approaches to quicken the US-drove coalition campaign that U.S. what’s more, Iraqi authorities say has so far been to a great extent fruitful in evacuating Islamic State aggressors in Iraq and Syria.

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