Google Doodle Celebrates The International Womens Day


On Wednesday Google Celebrates the International Women’s Day as the Google Doodle Features a lot of Firsts, The First Turkish women to Compete in the World Olympics and the world’s first Computer Programmer as a Women.

The Heroes would be the Halet Cambel and the Ada Lovelace, the illustration marking the International women’s day 2017 and also the features the First Woman in the Argentina to receive a medical degree and Cecilia Grierson and the korea’s first female Judge Lee Tai-Young.

According to the Google the Today’s Google search page is filled with the wishes of the International women’s day as the image depicts a girl whose grandmother is sharing the life of the story of 13 exceptional women in history around the world.

Also among the inspirational women that featured are Ida Wells the First american journalist and the civil rights activist, lotfia EI Nadi,Egypt’s first female Pilot and the Miriam Makeba of the South African Singer and the Civil rights Activist.

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