Facebook Confusion Over Fake Cancer Babies Photos.


Facebook Confusion  Over Fake Cancer Babies Photos

Social Media Platform Facebook has Apologized for repeatedly restoring and stealing the photos and an account that posted stolen images of the Child falsely that are claiming that the child has a Cancer Disease.

The Social Networking Site Facebook Yesterday twice disabled the account of the following complaints , as only to re-enable it in Hours later.

“These Posts are clearly and repeatedly distressing for the Families and the has been now removed said by a Media Person.

“We apologies for the delay and what happens till now and in
taking them down.

The Facebook has reacted for the third time after the matter was
bought to its attention by the Media, and it has explained by the
actions of its Complaints team of Facebook.

one of the Internet expert said that the behavior has been “bonkers” and they has called into questions and Facebook’s Safety Procedures.

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Fake appeal of Facebook

The Media Reported on Tuesday that the Case of a Child from
Cambridgeshire whose Photos has been used in the way of alongside
a fake plea for the Help.

The Images was posted at the Start of the February and more than one million People’s were responded to it.

Security experts said that tactics were often used by the “Like
Farming ” Scammers.

The Mother of the Child- Sarah Allen From St Neots, Cambridgeshire and she had been upset by the Discovery.

“we had People messaging saying that they had heard Jasper has Cancer.

These Pictures were when he had Chickenpox.

I need the all the Images were Removed and also dais that the Mother of the Girl Child who asked not to be named when she was informed of its Misuse.

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