Donald Trumps New H-1B Visa Rules for the Indian Techies


Donald Trump’s New H-1B Rules for the Indian Techies :- The United States has announced their multiple rules to deter and detect that the frauds and the abuse of the Miss Use of H-1B Permit Work Visas, Donald Trumps government has made a New Rules for the Indian Techies for the H-1B Visa Approval, Earlier as it has indicated that the US Government is going to be tough and safe rules that measures in Approval of the H-1B Visas from this year. The Computer Programmers may also Find it difficulty to Procure the Coveted work Permit Visas.check the new rules that the Donald Trump Government has Put in the H1-B visa.

New H1-B Visa Rules that how Indian Techies will be Affected by this rules.

  1. All the United States Citizens and the US Citizen Ships and the Immigration Services has started and Accepting the New Applications for the H1-B Visas for the US Fiscal Year that beginning From October 1st 2017.
  2. The Federal Agency of the United States has indicated the Tough rules and stringent approval for the H-1B Visas in this Year
  3. It has announced the Launch of an Email Helpline against the Abuse and Frauds of the H-1B Visa from the Miss Use of Some Citizens.
  4. The USCIS  has announced a “More Targeted Approach” in the Site Visits to the Workplaces of the H-1B Visa and the Petitioner Companies.
  5. The United States Justice Department gas just Cautioned the Employers Petitioning for the H-1B Visa against the American Citizens and Workers.
  6. It has also recommended that the People call a Hotline help that to report any such discrimination’s towards the Citizens of the US.
  7. Computer Programmers has no longer qualify for the Latest rules as a Specialist Profession that making it difficult for them to procure a Safe H-1B Visa.
  8. The United States Can Issue 65,000 H-1B visas each and Every year as a research every year 20,000 is for applicants who have completed their masters or a Higher degree from the US Universities.
  9. The Indian Who have settled in the United states now they have an issue with the New H-1B Rules and the India Based Tech giants are likely to be affected by the New Rules that includes the TCS, Wipro, and the Infosy’s and some other Big Companies.

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