President-elect Donald trump has said he would not allow Americans to be replaced by Foreign workers in an apparent reference to cases like that of Disney world and other American  companies wherein people hired on H-1B Visas, including Indians, displaced US Workers.

”we will fight to protect every last American life” trump told thousands of his supporters in Iowa as he referred to the cases of Disney world and other US companies.

“He said During the campaign I also spent time with American workers who were laid off and forced to train. The foreign workers brought in to replace them. We won’t let this happen anymore,” Donald Trump bowed amidst cheers and applause from the audience. ”can you believe that? You get laid off and them they won’t give you your severance pay unless you train the people that are replacing you. i mean, that’s actually demeaning may be more than anything else,”

Disney World and two outsourcing companies have ben slapped with a federal lawsuit by two of its former technology staff, alleging that they conspired to displace American Workers with cheaper foreign labor brought to the US on H-1B visas,mostly from India.

The two employees-Leo Perrero and Dena Moore- were among 250 Disney tech workers laid off from their jobs at Walt Disney world in Orlando in January 2015. They have also dragged HCL Inc and Cognizant Technologies into this class action Lawsuit.

”Donald Trump said You know the name of one of the companies that’s doing it. I’m going to be nice because we’re trying to get that company back. don’t forget much harder when a company announced a year and a half ago. Some of these companies like Carrier, they announced long before I even knew I was going to be running for President,”

On immigration, Trump reiterated that he will build the wall along the Mexico border. ” we will put an end ton illegal immigration and stop the drugs from pouring into our country, the drugs are pouring into our country poisoning our youth and plenty of other people,” he said. we will stop the drugs from poisoning our youth. We’ll do it,” adding that the administration will stop violence ”spilling across our border.”