Check how terrorist cried with fear when Indian Army Soldiers came to kill him


The Indian Army has been started on move through a place in a violent and uncontrollable manner during the last month to kill the terrorist. Narendra modi govt order the Indian Military to vanish the terrorist from the Kashmir valley in the upcoming months and now exactly happening right now.

In one operation one interesting incident took place during the army operation they find out a terrorist group hiding in place the Indian army got to know that the few terrorist hiding in place and surrounded the place and started firing against the terrorist and the terrorist group don’t have any chance to escape from the place either they have to kill or death situation.

One of the terrorist from the group call his home and started crying as he have no chance to escape and he may going to die in few minutes the fear of death started and crying like a baby below we have put a audio record check the recording

Check the conversation between terrorist and his family member

Terrorist: Hello
Family member: Hello yeah tell me
Terrorist: Encounter has been started even firing has started
Family member: swear by allah
Terrorist: Allah
Family member: what now?

Terrorist: I have no chance to escape….crying started

See the terrorist how he is crying and how he feel when he is going to die and go for hell.

The audio recording is heartening but when it comes to their life how the terrorist felt when he is going to die and when they pickup the guns on Nation and innocent people they’ll show the no mercy and how the families of victims cry for their beloved ones for years but this bugger terrorists enjoy the pain of innocent people while killing. This is will the perfect example for the terrorists who will kill the innocent people even they will face the same situation not today but one day.

After killing the innocent civilians and soldiers by terrorists India is hitting back in the last three months 63 terrorist have been killed and its counting.

The government of India additionally sent battalions to Kashmir to vanish the terrorists and kick out from our country. Narendra Modi is giving back and hats off to our soldiers and each and everyone who are protecting the India we don’t any words to thank them personally.

Check How terrorist cried in the mobile conversation



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