Check it Out :Magician David Blaine’s Bullet Catching with Mouth Stunt Went Wrong


Check it Out : Magician David Blaine’s Bullet Catching with Mouth Stunt Went Wrong.

Though the magician was saved from the grave injuries and it left him with a lacerated throat.

As he pulled the trigger the bullet fired into the cup but the gum-shield was shattered by the Impact of the Stunt.

International Famous Magician David Blaine has always amazed with the audience with his magic tricks, but rarely an act has tricked him but recently 43-years old David Blaine performed a stunt at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas where his attempt to fire a gun and catch the bullet with his Mouth and it went Horrible wrong.

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The Magician’s Stunt was aired on his E4 show beyond the magic and it scared out of the Most of the Audience.

This crazy act involved him holding with a metal cup between his teeth which were protected by a gum-shield.

while a laser pointed to the Spot where the Bullet was supposed to hit, however as he pulled the trigger and the bullet fired into the cup but the Gum-shield was shattered by the impact.

I was sure but the bullet went right through my head and that i was dead but suddenly i became aware of the Pain and it brought me Back.

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At that moment i Realized that the Mouth Guard had Shattered again.

Through the Magician was saved from grave Injuries and it left him with a Lacerated Throat.

Blain’s Famous Bullet Catch which he first attempted in 2010 was revamped as he was committed to pulling the Trigger on himself in front of 20,000 people at Las Vega’s MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Though Everything was Planned and Practiced that he agreed he did not Pay much heed to get a better Guard.

Shockingly the Magician still Plans to do the same bullet trick on his Upcoming world tour and even though his assistants have refused.


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