Blast in Balochistan atleast 25 killed and Pakistan Deputy chairman Abdul Ghafoor injured


No less than 25 individuals killed and numerous others injured in a suicide blast in Balochistan’s Mastung, Pak Media reported Friday. The blast hit Pakistan Deputy Chairman of Senate and JUI-F lawmaker Abdul Ghafoor Haideri’s escort when he was leaving a local mosque after Friday prayers.

Haideri got minor wounds in the blast yet was generally fine, The Dawn news announced.“I am alive, Allah has saved my life, it was a sudden blast, broken bits of the windscreen hit me, I am injured however safe. The driver and other individuals sitting alongside me were badly injured,” Haideri said while addressing a Pakistani channel SAMAA.


Haideri’s driver, alongside two other partners later surrendered to their wounds. The police have confirmed no less than 25 death however declined to give the numbers of injured saying the rescue operations are as yet in progress.

All the injured individuals are being taken to local hospital while critically injured are being transported to Quetta for treatment.

A emergency has been announced at a nearby Mastung hospital and more doctors have been called to treat the injured, revealed Pak media.

This is the fourth attack on JUI-F lawmaker. Prior in 2011, JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman survived two consecutive suicide attacks. In 2014, Rehman was injured in a suicide blast outside a JUI-F rally in Quetta focusing on his vehicle.


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