Australia PM Malcolm Turnbull introduced new rules on 457 visas for Indians


Australia abolished a visa program utilized by more than 95,000 temporary foreign workers, larger part of them Indians, to handle the developing unemployment in the nation. The program, known as 457 visa, allows business to employ foreign workers for a period up to four years in skilled jobs where there is a lack of Australian workers.

“We are an immigration country, yet the reality stays: Australian workers must have need for Australian jobs, so we are abolishing the 457 visa, the visa that brings temporary foreign workers into our nation,” said Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Most of the visa holders were from India took after by the UK and China.

“We will no longer permit 457 visa to be travel papers to employments that could and ought to go to Australians,” he said.

He said Australia will receive another ‘Australians first’ approach to skilled migration.

As at September 30, there were 95,757 workers in Australia on primary 457 visa program, ABC detailed.

The program will be replaced by another visa program, with new limitations.

“It is critical businesses still access the abilities they have to develop and contribute, so the 457 visa will be replaced by another temporary visa, particularly designed to select the best and brightest in the national interest,” Turnbull said.

Turnbull said the new program will guarantee that foreign workers are acquired into Australia request to fill basic expertise holes and not got in light of the fact that a business thinks that its less demanding to enlist a remote specialist than go to the inconvenience of contracting an Australian.

Turnbull’s declaration comes days after he went to India where a scope of issues, including national security, counter terrorism, education and energy, were talked about and six agreements were agreed upon.

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