April 29 Marks 100 Days of President Donald Trump Government


April 29 Marks 100 Days of President Donald Trump Government: – President Donald Trump’s First 100 of his government has come to 1 year of April 29th, 2017.

Still, some of the ways over Republicans that treated President Obama the Democratic Minority has one word to describe its strategy towards Donald Trump.

There is a Difference Between Obstruction that which is what Congressional Republicans that engaged in the Early Days of the Obama administration and resistance where Democrats have been opposed to politics that would be determined to the Americans People said by the Hakeem S.Jeffries of New York a Newly Minted Member of the House Democratic leadership’s Team.

Resistance is Anchored in the Defending your Policy Priorities that are consistent with your Perspective but willing to work with the Other Side of the aisle when Polices are Proposed That would be good Enough for America.

Mr. Donald Trump marks his 100th day n office of his White House on Saturday having faced unwavering opposition to his agenda from democrats, they have erected the worst delay of the cabinet Picks in U.S. history that mounted  a filibuster of his universally acclaimed supreme court nominee fought his effort to rewrite the Obamacare and prompted investigations into his administration’s dealing with Russia.


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