5 Times That Canada Made Worldwide News in 2016


5 Times That Canada Made Worldwide News in 2016 From the Highly speculative Bromance between two world leaders to a pair of freedom, Canada had its fair share of news stories that stole the Spotlight at home and abroad too and Canadian stories that made international headlines in 2016 check it out.

1} Canada withdraws the Fighter Jets.

Canada withdraws the Fighter Jets Prime minister Justin Trudeau attracted International attention in October 2015 when he announced and he planned to follow on his Campaign Promise to withdraw Canada’s CF-18 Fighter Jets From the U.S.

Although Canada’s involvement in the coalition’s airstrikes had ended and Trudeau announced that he would triple size of the Military’s troops on the Ground.

2}Canada Helps 25,000 Syrian refugees Target

Canada Helps 25,000 Syrian refugees Target on February 27th the total of 25000th Syrian refugee landed in Montreal marking the complete of the Liberal government’s elections and promise to resettle that number of refugees in Canada.

The images of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Personality greetings the first plane load of Syrian refugee arriving in Toronto in December were Published around the world and the mile stone was reported by the East Eye News site .

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3} Obama and Trudeau’s “Bromance”

Obama and Trudeau’s “Bromance” when prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family visited U.S President Barack Obama at the white House at the Beginning of March and the Internet delighted in the Perceived bonding between the two Leaders,and even Obama and Trudeau’s wives appeared to be getting along the first lady Michelle Obama Claiming that Sophie Gregoire was like her “Soulmate” during the U.S Visit.

4.}The Death of Rob Ford’s

The Death of Rob Ford’s on March 22 at the age of 46 after battling a rare form of Cancer for 18 Months in October 2013 Ford made International headlines after the Toronto star and the U.S website Gawker reported that a video of the Mayor Smoking Crack Cocaine and was being shopped around.

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5} Fort McMurray Wildfire

Fort McMurray Wildfire The Devastating fort McMurray wilfire that which destroyed 2400 homes and prompted the largest mass evacuation in Alberta history and garnered international attention during the Spring of 2016 at its peak and the fire Nicknamed the Beast grew to nearly 590000 hectares approximately 90000 resident were displaced and the Insurance Bureau of Canada estimated the lose cost of the Damage from the Fire at $3.58 Billion.


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