2 Dead and 129 Injured in Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu


2 Dead and 129 Injured in Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu.

Two  Bulls  Tamers Died and 129 People Were Injured

Some People Suffered injuries during a Jallikattu Event at Rapoosal Village in Tamil Nadu’s Pudukkottai District on Sunday.

The Deceased Have Been Identified as Raja 26 and Mohan 25 both of whom were From Rapoosal.

Pudukkottai Superintendent of People J Loganathan said that Raja and Mohan Sustained Serious Injuries. When the Bulls Gored them.

One of the Victims Suffered an Injury on his Stomach when he Attempted to hold the Bull by its Hump.

And the Other’s Rib’s were Pierced when he Tried to take the Bull.

They Were Rushed to Pudukkottai Government Hospital after being given the First Aid.

But They Died Later, As Many as 30 of the injured were taken to Pudukkottai Government Hospital.

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Who suffered Minor injuries and were given First aid.

The Jallikattu Event in Rapoosal was Flagged off by health and family welfare minister C. Vijaya Baskar.

More than 5,000 People were Present in the Village to watch the Show.Jallikattu was organized in Tamil Nadu on Sunday after a Gap of three Years.

The State Government on Saturday an ordinance to allow the conduct of the Jallikattu Sport. Jallikattu Sport were organized in a few Villages in Trichy and Pudukottai Districts.

How ever People in Alanganallur and a Few other Places Foiled the State Government’s Plan to Hold Jallikattu.

As they Wanted a Permanent Solution to Ban this Sport in Tamil Nadu.

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