Whatsapp is Going To Be Banned From These Smartphones After 30 June 2017. Find Out Why


News of Whatsapp prohibiting certain cell phones from utilizing it turned out in 2016. As indicated by some news articles, Whatsapp chosen to boycott a few telephones before the finish of 2016. Presently the application creators are contemplating upon this issue once again.Mobile telephones with certain working frameworks won’t discover bolster from WhatsApp any longer.

The company has confirmed that Whatsapp will not be supported in BlackBerry (BlackBerry 10 also), Nokia S40, Nokia Symbian S60, Android 2.1, Android 2.2, Windows Phone 7.1, iPhone 3GS / IOS 6.

The choice will come into power after June 30, 2017, despite the fact that the organization declared it before too.

At the point when the choice was announced, numerous clients communicated their contradiction over it. In this way, the organization chosen to turn away it for quite a while. Be that as it may, now the organization has taken its ultimate conclusion on the issue.

A few sources have recommended the clients overhaul their cell phones to new working frameworks. Individuals having working frameworks other than said on the rundown require not stress over anything.

In the event that you recollect, Whatsapp reported pulling back its support from numerous portable working frameworks. The rundown included working frameworks of Blackberry, Nokia and old adaptations of Android and Windows OS.

In the midst of this, Whatsapp added two new elements to the ones having Android working frameworks.

One of them is live area highlight which causes you to impart your area to your contacts. Another element is embeddings stories. Much like in Instagram and Snapchat, Whatsapp too turned out with this element. Here you can embed short stories and offer them with your contacts.

As of late another news came with respect to the issue. Presently the organization has chosen to extend its support to Blackberry OS and Nokia cell phones. It will give portable clients additional opportunity to refresh their gadgets or move their discussions from WhatsApp.


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