Reliance Jio is Planning Their Own Cryptocurrency Named JioCoin


Reliance Jio is Planning Their Own Crypto-Currency Named JioCoin :- New Delhi : Reliance Industries is planning to Launch their Own Cryptocurrency as in the way of to Made JioCoin from their Company. Right after the Disrupting the Telecome Sector that along with its Free Offers and Hyper-Competitive Tariffs Reliance Industries and the Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited to Create its Own Cryptocurrecy Names as JioCoin.

While the Owner of Reliance Industries Mukesh Ambani’s Elder Son Akash Ambani is going to Take Responsibilities of the JioCoin Project Reliance Jio Plans to build a 50-Member Team of Young Professionals to Work For this JioCoin Project or on the Block-Chain Technology, which Can also Used to Develop the applications as Such as Smart Contracts and Supply Chain management Logistics Soon in India.

Reliance Jio is Planning Their Own Cryptocurrency Named JioCoin :  Reliance JioCoin

The Reliance Industries is Going to Hire 50 young Professionals For this JioCoin Project that with an average age of 25 Years for the Akash Ambani to Lead this Project. There are Multiple Applications of the Block-Chain team that would work on the Various Block-Chain Products a person Familiar with the Development this Said by the Conditions of anonymity.

What is Block-Chain, How Does it Works ??

Block Chain is an Digital Currency or the Ledger For Strong Data that Including but Not Limited to Financial Transactions, The block Chain Decentralizes the Information that without Being Copied. The Information that is Held on the Block-Chain that through an Shared Database which Can be Accessed on a Real-time Basis. This Database is Not Stored on the Physical Serves but on the Cloud that which Makes it Easy to Store an Unlimited Data.

The Most Popular Application of the Technology that has Undoubtedly been Croptocurrency and the Reliance Jio also Plans to Create its own Version Called JioCoin.


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