Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook is for everyone and he takes jab at Snapchat


Over the end of the week, Snapchat ended up in an all out PR emergency after CEO Evan Spiegel, was blamed for saying that the application was “just for rich People” and that he would not “like to expand into poor nations like India and Spain.” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg joined the shred with a not so subtle punch at Evan Spiegel.

Mark Zuckerberg bragged about Facebook’s dedication to serve all types of users, rich and poor, in a interview with TechCrunch’s Josh Constine . “I think one thing that individuals most likely don’t consider as much as we do is innovation to serve everybody in the community not only the top of the line , right?” (Emphasis our own.)

It’s subtle, yet Zuckerberg is likely insinuating Snapchat’s reputation for being an application for the wealthy, particularly in the wake of the India scandal.While Zuckerberg recognizes that some of Facebook’s camera highlights do look a ton like Snapchat’s, his company is investing intensely in applications like the 200 million users strong Facebook Lite , which makes the service more accessible to individuals in developing markets with moderate internet connections. In addition, Facebook is taking a shot at approaches to connect the entire world to the web with drones and other sci-fi technology.

All in all, however, Zuckerberg reveals to TechCrunch that he’s ” not that stressed” about resembling a slow poke behind Snapchat, and that “I feel like we do various types of work in different areas.” Still, advise that to supermodel Miranda Kerr, who’s engaged to Evan Evan Spiegel, and who as of late said that she’s ” appalled ” by Facebook’s continued with adoption of features made famous by Snapchat.

Evan Spiegel’s alleged comments about India, which Snap has called “silly,” originated from an as of late unredacted court complaint by Anthony Pompliano , who served as the company’s development lead for half a month in 2015 before being fired. In the complaint, Pompliano describes an trade he claims he had with Evan Spiegel, during a September 2015 meeting about the application’s international growth plans.

Snap points out that its Snapchat application is a free download, accessible to everyone.

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