Hyderabad city to get Robocop and this is the first one in India


Human’s fascination with automation, more particular robots, is never ending. we all are fond of robots. Have you ever imagined a robot doing the job of a police. Stop imagining… it is becoming a reality soon. Hyderabad will be the fist city in the country which could deploy a Robo cop. T-Hub based startup HBots Robotics, which has opened its robotics and hardware making facility “Makers Leeway” in Hyderabad on Wednesday is developing a prototype of a six feet tall Robo Cop for the city’s police department.

The company which has begun the designing work on this will develop a prototype by the September and after few months of trials will unveil the robot by December 31 this year, which can be deployed by the department at jubilee hills Check post.

Kisshhan PSV founder H-Bots Robotics told Telangana today “The Robot will be able to identify a person who lodges a complaint, recognize objects which has been stationed in a location for long hours and inform the Police control room. Unlike the police robot currently used in Dubai, which moves only on wheels, our robot can walk recognize people, take complaints and detect and diffuse bombs too.”

On an a average it takes about 6-8 months to develop the robot. It costs us around 3-5 lakh per robot. It can detect and recognize an individual when the person meets for the second time. People can lodge complaints with it which can be transmitted to the police Control room or any other designated center. The complaints will be recorded as a video and disseminated to the center real-time both in video and text form. If vehicle theft cases are lodged, it can identify and alert the department if the stolen vehicle crosses it.

The robot will mainly comprise of servo motors and motherboard software. the body of the robot will made either metal or fiber using 3D printing.

The company planning to build 10 Such police robots which can also act as private security guards and can be deployed in hotels , hospitals and offices.


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