How to Rank Articles on the First Page of Google : Lets Check it


How to Rank Articles on the First Page of Google : Lets Check it :- So Here You Want to Learn the Topic of How to Rank an Article on the First Page of Google, You Want to Write an Article that Ranks on the First Page of the Google for Long-Tail Keywords ?? Okay fine, So Does Everyone Else, Lets get started. Ranking on the First Page of the Google for Well-selected Long-tail Keywords that remains on the Fastest Ways to get Your Content in Front of the Thousands of People to Check.

1. Do Research

  • While Many of the People Believe that keyword Research Doesn’t Matter Anymore as its Just as important now as it’s Ever been
  • In fact the only way that can hope to rank the Highly for an Keyword as it is Make Sure You do Your research.
  • Why Should You Look For When Researching the Right keyword ??

Length of the Key Word

The First thing You Should always do whenever You are trying to Rank for a Long-Tail Keyword is to Make sure the Keyword is long Enough.

I Always Suggest a Minimum of Four Words.

Google’s First Page of Search Engine results is the only Place worth being these Days, if You Don’t Rank on the Search engines First Page You Have Maybe a 1-5 Percent Chance of being Found that Depending on the Industry You are in.

In Google there will be an huge competition is too hard and the Whole optimization thing is a waste of time, The thing is about the Web Marketing is that it’s Not really all that Hard. People like to Make it mysterious and full of incomprehensible Graphs and data, But Believe Me it Ain’t.


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